DICE Revolutionizes Learning with Innovative Six-Phase Process! 

DICE Revolutionizes Learning with Innovative Six-Phase Process! 

 We’re thrilled to introduce our game-changing six-phase acceleration process, designed to transform education using Design Thinking principles.

Here’s a quick overview of the phases:

  1. Value Selection: Pinpointing core values and aligning course goals with community needs.
  2. Learning Objectives: Setting clear, measurable outcomes for an impactful learning journey.
  3. Methodology Design: Crafting innovative teaching strategies for effective learning.
  4. Content Development: Creating engaging, relevant educational materials.
  5. Assessment: Implementing robust tools to evaluate progress and impact.
  6. Feedback & Modification: Continuously improving courses with user feedback.

Each phase is packed with tools to guide you through your development journey, making education more engaging and community-focused. Say goodbye to traditional methods and hello to a vibrant new learning and teaching experience with DICE! 

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