What is sustainability in a project?

What is sustainability in a project?

Sustainability is the ability of an organisation or project to continue its mission or programme into the future. All projects must end, but the impact of the project must continue.
The DiCE project will also implement a sustainability strategy to understand how to carry on the results of the Digital Community Engagement Accelerator for student learning and socio-economic impact.
With input from all partners, DiCE sustainability strategy aims to outline a roadmap for the development of the long-term outcomes of the project and to document strategies for the continuation of activities and partnerships where possible.

The strategy will seek to answer two main questions:

1.          Will the project results and impacts be sustainable over time?

2.          How can the project results influence institutional practices, objectives, commitments, and strategies?

Starting with the identification of key results that should be sustained beyond the project’s lifetime, the strategy aims to extend the impact beyond the project’s life cycle to examine possible long-term uses.

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