Fresh ideas for digital community engagement

Fresh ideas for digital community engagement

If you’re looking to enhance digital community engagement at your university, here are some creative ideas to consider:

  1. Virtual Classes: Offer online workshops, seminars, or courses that allow students and community members to participate remotely. These classes can cover a wide range of topics, from academic subjects to practical skills.
  2. Alumni Connections: Organize virtual meet-ups or webinars where alumni can share their experiences, insights, and career paths with current students. Alumni can serve as valuable mentors and provide networking opportunities.
  3. Student-Generated Content:
  4. Podcasts: Encourage students to create podcasts related to their interests, research, or community issues. Podcasts can be a powerful medium for sharing knowledge and fostering dialogue.
  5. Blogs and Vlogs: Students can write blogs or create video blogs (vlogs) about their university experiences, community engagement projects, or relevant topics. These can be shared on university platforms or social media.
  6. Virtual Volunteering:
  7. Online Service Projects: Develop virtual volunteering opportunities that allow students to contribute remotely. Examples include online tutoring, virtual fundraising campaigns, or assisting nonprofit organizations with digital tasks.
  8. Crowdsourced Initiatives: Engage students in collaborative projects that address community needs. For instance, they can create educational content, design websites, or develop apps for local organizations.
  9. University “TED Talks”:
  10. Host virtual events where students, faculty, and community members can deliver short, impactful talks on diverse subjects. These talks can inspire, educate, and spark conversations.
  11. Consider creating a dedicated platform or YouTube channel to showcase these talks.

Remember, successful digital community engagement involves collaboration with external partners, clear communication, and alignment with learning objectives. Reach out to community organizations, explore innovative formats, and adapt to the digital landscape. Your DICE (Digital Community Engaged) journey awaits!

Source: Boechat, G. (2024, February 19). 60 Virtual event Ideas for University Students | Arena. Arena.

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